I am the host and producer of feMENA, a podcast about women’s rights and issues in the Middle East and North Africa (currently on a hiatus). I report, script and voice all my own stories. I can also mix when required using either Audacity or Audition. I have done radio lives on major breaking news stories for the BBC World Service, PRI’s The World and Monocle 24. A selection of my radio stories are below, or for more, check out my SoundCloud.


‘Not gay enough’: LGBT asylum seekers under fire in The Netherlands – Three LGBT refugees talk about their application’s being rejected … because they’re not gay enough (PRI’s The World)

The dancer who defied ISIS – Despite dodging bombs in Damascus and death threats from ISIS, Ahmad Joudeh was determined to become a ballet dancer. This is his story. (BBC World Service)

What does it take to become a local? Three Dutch immigrants share their stories – First and second-generation immigrants in The Netherlands talk about their journey from outsider to insider. (PRI’s The World)


Five years of war, three Syrian female refugees, one new host country Three women, each of whom fled to Lebanon at different points, tell of their changing experiences and aspirations. (PRI’s The World)

A pile of rubbish: Lebanon’s garbage crisis – A package exploring the roots of Lebanon’s trash-related protests and possible solutions to the waste management problem. (BBC World Service)

Fighting corruption in Lebanon: an uphill battle? – How do you fight corruption when it is so endemic that people think it’s a normal part of life? For anti-graft activists, the solution is to take a more creative approach to the issue. (BBC World Service)

Memory vs. Development: the battle for Beirut’s skyline – A look at the debate over how to develop Beirut, via an examination of three iconic remaining war ruins: the Holiday Inn, the Murr Tower, and the so-called Egg. (Monocle 24)

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